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Your visibility is the key to success. It’s all about how well others can see you and how you add value to the team, project, company etc… Do you ever feel you should be more visible at work? Or struggle to get asked for the cool & high-profile projects? Have you ever felt like the hard work you put in wasn’t seen or appreciated. Or that you should have gotten that promotion or salary raise? If any of these are true for you, here is a strategy that can help you change that. It’s all about visibility.

Tips to improve your visibility:

a) Strategic placement

Make sure you choose a strategic seat when you are in a meeting room e.g. face the door – so you can see people entering, avoid having to sun in your eyes – so you don’t need to squint your eyes ect…

b) Body language

Become aware of your body language. Step one, start to take up more space e.g. spread your stuff around you like note book, water bottle, sit up straight and in an open position. Don’t cross your arms or legs as this makes you look smaller. Have a look at TED Talk by Amy Cuddy on the power of body language.

c) Record achievements

Start keeping a list of your own achievements. It is often easier for us to focus on the things we haven’t achieved or mastered yet versus celebrating the things that we achieved.

Your visibility is the key to success. I used to work for a boss who was based in a different country I felt it was his job and responsibility to know what I was delivering and checking that my clients were happy with me. In short, he was often too busy and as long as he didn’t receive a complaint I wasn’t on his radar. Me assuming and expecting him to know was an error on my part. It’s one of my greatest learnings.

d) Dare to brag about your accomplishments

I got some great advice at a seminar : ‘ they said dare to brag _ in other words start to keep a list of your achievements and every Friday send them to your manager. I made a mini report with the following structure.

Structure of my mini ‘brag’ report

  • Achievements this week
  • Work planned for next week
  • Key mile stones
  • Feedback received from clients, colleagues ect…
  • Report blockers or ask for supported required (when needed)

As soon as I started doing that, things started to change. I made it easier for my boss to support me. Plus for him to inform his superiors on the progress that I was making on the projects. Even more importantly it provided him with all the information he needed to convince his peers when it was time for my promotion. I had presented it to them on a silver platter! And it worked 🙂

Another thing I experimented with was if people gave me a compliment I forwarded the email to my boss. Or even asked them to put it in writing so I could send it to my boss. It felt super strange and over the top in the beginning I kept on going and it paid off! Within 3 months I got promoted.

e) Build your network.

I challenged myself to have min. 2 appointments a week for coffee or lunch to meet new people and increase my network. Find out e.g. how you can support them, what you can learn from them or they can learn from you etc… this is another key element to increasing your visibility and success.

f) Volunteer

Volunteer if people ask for someone to give a presentation or work on a project. Give yourself the challenge to take on things that provide you the right kind of exposure.

Contact me if you want to find out more about my coaching program ” How to increase your visibility”. The entire purpose of the program is to help you stand out and discover:

  • How to break free of your fear of being seen and start sharing more of your authentic self everywhere you go
  • How to change those false limiting beliefs that you are not enough, not worthy and not wanted. All those keep you playing small and stop you from having a huge impact
  • The secret to communicating what you do in an engaging way that makes people listen and see you as the go-to expert
  • How to get in on the interesting, high-profile projects and ensure you get on the promotion list

Put yourself in the spotlight by using these key tips mentioned above to increase your visibility. Enjoy and get ready to change your business, career and life!

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