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There is a lot of information about the power of positive in tensions and visualisation. It helps to become more aware of the conscious choices you are making now. Often we run on autopilot and repeat what we have done before. In order to get to a new destination in life we need to be very clear what that designation feels like, looks like, smells like and sounds like.  

I came across this great exercise where you develop your own unique Statement Of Focused Intent (SOFI). This means you define an intention you would like to co-create in your life.  It can help you when you are reviewing and fine tuning your life’s direction. 

Step 1 Reflection
Reflection cq. looking back – helps you understand what and how you choose to co-create for yourself up until now. Once you have clarity on this you know where and why you are directing your energy. 

Step 2 Adjustments 

and helps to make adjustments when needed. 

Step 3 Write your Statement Of Focused Intent (SOFI).
Example: My intention is that I am successful in my business financially as well as in achieving results. I am in balance and confident in my abilities and feel free to express myself in every aspect of my life. I live in a safe and loving space. 

Next step is that you contemplate and choose the actions you can take to achieve your intention. 

Example of actions to fulfil your intention:
– I do yoga and meditate daily
– I have clearer boundries and respect these 
– I work with positive affirmations e.g.”; “It is easy for me to attract the right clients`’ 

Take a look and identify your key strength, for this you can also interview other to help sprak ideas of what you are strong at. 

What are your strengths?
– Empathy
– Networking
– Creative problem solver 


What are you willing to give?
– Unconditional love
– Time and energy
– Creating a home by investing time and energy in making it look nice and maintaining it 

What are you willing to receive? 

– Support for people around me 
– Random acts of kindness from strangers
– Words of affirmation 
– Acts of service e.g. someone cooking dinner or taking out the trash

To finish your SOFI, you will choose four attributes of mastery to amplify for even greater evolutionary support.  

This gives you a great foundation, a frame of reference for your part of the co-creation. The Universe can more freely do the Universe part, and in this partnership you have an energetically aware, great conscious co-creation! 

What are you ready for now? 

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