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Life changing morning rituals. Your morning routine sets the mood and tone for your entire day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if you started each and every day on a positive note.

How do you feel right after you open your eyes in the morning? Are you excited to start your day, or do you just want to roll over and go back to sleep? How you spend your mornings has a big impact on your mood and stress levels. If you’re always running out the door late or in a rush. Chances are that you’re under more stress than someone who plans and takes their time. Have you ever stopped to think that it would be more gentle and loving towards yourself to take your time.

Rise with the sun

Getting an early start to your day has many advantages. To name a few:

  • You can have a few minutes just for yourself
  • You don’t have to rush or get stressed if there is traffic jam or you missed the bus
  • Getting things done before your day officially starts.
  • One of my favorite things about getting up early is that peaceful, quiet time. I get to enjoy my tea in peace during the early hours.
  • I love walking the dogs while watching the sunrise over the fields. For me my mornings happen to be the most productive part of the day.
  • For me it’s my productive time, I love writing early in the morning.
  • Planning out the rest my day and going for a dip in the ocean.

Successful people have one thing in common. They all rise early, every single day and have a morning ritual in place.

Start your day with setting some positive intentions

What do you do right after you open your eyes? The first thing, I used to do is reach for my phone. NOW I do this: right after you open your eyes, I take a few deep breaths while still lying in bed and say to myself: today is going to be an amazing day.

Try this: Tell yourself that your day is going to be amazing! Plus that you are going to kind to yourself and others. Have you ever notice that when you’re in a bad mood when you wake up, everything seems to go wrong? That’s because that’s the intention you’re setting for yourself. By being in a bad mood you’re starting your day off with stress. So from now on you set powerful, positive intentions first thing in the morning. Tell yourself that you’re going to have an amazing day!

Now you know if you take your time and begin your day on a happy note. You’ll have a better start to your day. Make sure that your thoughts are loving, peaceful and empowering. Keep your curtains open so you can wake up with natural light and, choose nice positive music on your alarm. All these small things make the start of your day better. If you have a partner – say something nice to them as soon as they wake up. Help them also get off to a great start of the day.

Be compassionate

Be compassionate and kind to the people around you. Think about this; they might have been hitting that snooze button and ran out of the house in a rush. They could be already be feelings stressed and anxious. So next time you want to shout or honk at someone. Remember there is no need to add to their stress rather to this smile and say Good Morning. It might help them shift and have a better day too. 🙂

We’ll go through some ideas that you can try out for your morning routine.

Do some yoga and meditation

If you can make time to get in a workout before you leave the house in the morning that’s AWSOME. If not, make sure to at least get in a little gentle stretc. This will help to energise your body and get ready for the day. I love doing some yoga s and take a few deep breaths followed by a meditation. It takes me around 40 min. in the morning. If you have a commute you might sneak in a little meditation on the train/bus. This will reduce stress and prepare both your mind and your body for the day.

Hydrate – water is pure gold for our bodies

First thing in the morning. It’s super important to drink enough after a long night, water is pure gold for our bodies. Drink a cup of warm water. It took me some time to get used to it and now I love it. My body craves it. You can add some fresh lemon juice. This helps your body to flush out toxins and other unwanted materials and boosts your immune system. Here in Bali we distill the water first to take out the chemicals. Next we put it in a glass bottle with silicone called FLASKA (Water structuring with Flaska) to change/reprogram the water crystals. Plus I put a Chi Ko Rei symbol on the bottle and the text: Healing, love and rejuvenation. Following teachings of the Japanese Dr. Masaru Emoto (YouTube) “Hidden messages of water”.

Appreciate what you already have

Another thing that I mention often as for me it was a game changer. Most of the time, we talk, think and focus on things we don’t want. We’re scared of failing, getting sick, being alone. How often do you celebrate what you have? How often do you take time to appreciate how far you’ve come? Every single day of your life can be amazing. Plus nothing out of the ordinary has to occur for that to happen. It’s the way we feel and look at the things around us. Once we appreciate what we already have you’ll see more and more of it appear in your life.

When you stop and think about all the things you have in your life; from your health, your relationships, down to running water and electricity. The last one you really start to appreciate while here in Bali. I’ve come to realise that you have quite a lot to be thankful for. Remember, that the only way to ensure that you get more of what you love. Is to be thankful for what you already have! It’s one of the Universal Laws.

Start keeping a gratitude journal and every day, list at least 3 things that you’re thankful for. I do it just before I go to sleep as a closing ritual of the day. It will change you mindset, in the beginning you might find them hard to come up with. Practice makes perfect. Now challenge yourself to create your own morning rituals. Stick to this Ritual every day for the next 30 days. Watch and experience how life changing a morning routine can be.

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