How To Land Your Dream Job

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Do you recognise these?

You feel:

  • Like a bird out of a cage on Fridays and/or going back into a cage on Mondays?
  • That you are working so much that you can’t even stop to think about your own future?
  • You want to change something but you don’t know what?
  • Your annual objectives meeting is going to be disappointing again
  • You have sent so many CV's without a response you don’t really feel like sending another one

Do you recognise yourself in any of the above and are you ready to commit to taking the next step in your career journey. Then join us and reserve your seat for the upcoming "Masterclass".

What will you get out of this Masterclass

In the "Masterclass" we will cover topics that really matter to you.

  • Visibility on the main reasons why many people feel they haven't landed their dream job yet. This will help you identify which one resonates with you!
  • Learn from the stories and expeerience of others
  • Tips and tricks that you can apply directly

This program is for you when

  • You recognise yourself in any of the above and you are ready to commit to taking the next step on your career journey. 
  • Ready to invest in yourself
  • Willing to share your experience
  • Ready to start taking charge of your life
  • Committed to doing what it takes
The Career Journey

Get to know us

Caroline Groothoff

Coach & Consultant

I am a Business Coach with a passion to empower people to be the best version of themselves.

I have lived and worked in multiple countries. My own career journey started as recruiter. This where I began learning about the best way to prepare and present yourself. I have supported many people to take the next step in their life and career journeys. I am happy to share the tools I have collected along the way. And can't wait  to see you get your dream job and step into the flow of your life. Learn more about me...











Begoña San Jose

Psychologist & Consultant

I thrive to use my knowledge, expertise and my personal and professional experiences, to support people be whatever they want to be and go wherever they want to go. Having lived through a number of life events, having changed countries, having evolved in my career in corporates, I put my experience at the service of others to make their journeys easier. 

I have the superpower of explaining things simply and with analogies that people can take with you and apply in life. Learn more about me....


We met in 2007, when we were both chosen by our employer, Eureko-Achmea, to participate in an exclusive International Management Development Program. Since then, we have challenged and supported eachother in personal and professional changes and have laughed and cried together.  We complement each other and with  our unique skills, experiences and competences we are well known for bringing out the best in others and supporting them to thrive! 

What others say about us

"If you are looking for clarity, purpose and concrete actions on your next career chapter, look no further! You have already found it. Through this program I was able to identify my own strengths, my values, and where and how I could link these to the right firms. “

Claire M (eCommerce Lead Europe - Fortune 500)



“The magic power of empathy that allows them to “read” people through conversations, coupled with the vast experience in psychology, and coaching make a great combination for someone in a professional or personal crossroad, ideal for those who do not know very well what to do next, or are afraid to take a step in the wrong direction. Peace of mind to know that someone you trust goes with you and stands for your interests.” LR (Innovation, digital transformation, communications).



“Years after getting orientation and advice on my cvs, and after gaining clarity on my next professional step, I not only remember what I learnt, but I actually apply it in my everyday life” A.M. Head of customer experience, banking.



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