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We are experiencing turbulent times around us. We can choose to act from love, compassion and kindness and thrive plus let go of fear and doubt. If you are sent home from the #office to #workfromhome because of the #coronavirus you might want to try my tips for cultivating a mindset of staying connected, being productive and capitalising on new opportunities arising as a result of this shift in circumstances!

Be Grateful

 See this opportunity that has presented itself. Working from home is a blessing that allows you to discover more about yourself, your own unique natural rhythms, find your flow and use the time to connect with your family. Instead of cursing this time try and practice upping your mood through being grateful. 

Practice Mindfullness

Now that you have time and space that has opened up for you; use it wisely instead of consuming it carelessly by e.g. hours of Netflix, gaming ect… First connect with yourself. Try to meditate, do yoga, dance or another mindfulness movement practice first thing when you get up in the morning. This will help to set the intention for the day with the focus on your self-care.

Take Inspired Action

Books, Journal, Tea, Home Office
Enjoy a Good Book with a Cup of Tea

To thrive in these turbulent times permit yourself time to dream, to wonder, to indulge in creativity and experimentation.  Look for ways to increase the beauty, joy, peace and connection in your life. Dare to dream big!

Create a vision board (share it on e.g. Pintrest …) and make an action plan plus take some concrete steps to reach your goals. You can create a new routine, ritual or write a book. Sign-up for that online course you have been meaning to take, join online webinars and listen to some e-books or the old fashion way just reading a book with a nice cup of tea.

Allow your imagination free reign. You will be delighted by the creative solutions to challenges you are now facing, that you would never have imagined if you weren’t at home now.

Ways To Be Efficient

Show your boss that even working from home you get things done. You know how to thrive in these turbulent times. I use a method called Pomodori where I set up POWER BLOCKS. These are chunks of time to work followed by a break, where I can do something else or relax. Make an agenda for meetings, check the action list plus ensure you have delivered upon your actions. Suggest new technologies to allow effective meetings with colleagues. 

Practical Tip:

  • Set clear expectations with kids, partner and/or other members of the household about when you can and can’t be disturb you.
  • Prepare your lunches/snacks for 2 days in advance so you can grab and go if you are in flow. Plus your kids can do the same without disturbing your work rhythm or video calls. 
  • Avoid distractions e.g. sucked in by social media, the news, mindless “entertainment” that isn’t contributing to your growth.
  • Learn how to connect with others virtually using tools like e.g. Zoom or Skype. It’s super easy and lots of fun. You can show them your home office set-up and share tips.

3 C’s Clarity, Connection and Compassion

To thrive in turbulent times I use the 3 C’s which stand for Clarity, Connection and Compassion. I will explain them here. First one clarity. Get clear on what’s most important to you NOW. The world as we know it is undergoing significant, global deconstruction of systems and institutions that are simply no longer sustainable, healthy or in service to the planet and the people who live on it.  NOW is the time to LET GO of “the way things are” and to acknowledge the truth about what you are really here to be, do and have.

Second C is for Connection. Check-in with your body regularly and really begin the process of LISTENING to what it wants most. This is a time to deepen the connection and know yourself better than ever before. If your body is signalling the need for more sleep make that a priority. If it’s more fresh air open the windows or go out into nature for a healing walk. 

Be creative in finding ways to stay connected with your colleagues, friends, extended family. Make MORE time for 1-1 or small virtual chats to deliver inspirations, ideas, innovations and inventions. Remember there are no problems only solutions that have yet to be found. Solutions come through PEOPLE! Be on the look out for the NEW connections as some of the old connections disappear in panic and fear.

Compassion towards yourself and others

Last C stands for compassion towards yourself and others. Ask yourself often what does my heart need right now? Be generous, kind, compassionate and accepting of your co-workers who are navigating a significant shift in their life. Plus be that to yourself as well. To thrive in turbulent times embrace new opportunities when they arise. Go with what lights up your heart and let go of fear, uncertainty and doubt.    

Lots of Love, Health and Joy!

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