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Let’s have a look at how you can become a positive intention ‘guru’ and why this is important. Intentions provide a framework for you to set priorities, use your time wisely, and align yourself with the resources you need to manifest your goals. The process of setting and working towards your intentions declares to yourself, others, and the universe that you are serious about your dreams and goals.

Oftentimes people allow the day, or the week, or the month to happen to them. However when you set an intention, you are activating your receptivity and being clear on that which you intend to attract into your life. Setting positive intentions at the start of the day is one of my favourite tool to work.

This is related to the concept of “like attracts like. What you think creates your reality. To change your reality you need to align your thoughts with what you want. Your thoughts can bring about the healing of illness, more loving relationships, achieving long-held goals and dreams, and financial prosperity.

What does it mean to live with intention?

You can’t plan a trip if you don’t know where you’re starting from and where you’re going. The same is true for your life. Living intentionally means taking stock of where you are now; mentally, physically and emotionally () and where you want to go. Set clear goals. This means being honest with yourself.

I came across a this helpful tool called Wheel of Life to assess where you are in life.

A process of reflection, clarity and focus follows which sets you up for success when learning how to write a good positive intention statement. Start with looking back at where you direct your attention and your energy. Where do you spend your time. This helps you understand what you choose to create in your life now. This clarity allows you to decide where you want to change, if you want a different outcome. It’s all about where you choose to put your energy and focus.

Keep, release and receive

What do you need to keep?

Identify what parks joy in your life and puts a smile on your face helps you decide what to keep. Maybe it can help to interview other people, in order ”spark ideas’. This helped me a lot and gave me some wonderful insights from people around me.

What are you willing to release?

  • Negative self talk and judgement

Next step is what are you willing to receive. As easy as this may sound for some people it can be even harder. If this resonates with you. Give yourself the challenge to receive from others for the next 14-days.

What are you willing to receive? 

  • Support from people around me
  • Guidance and advice without questioning it
  • Random acts of kindness from strangers

Tips For Writing A Positive Intention Statement

Here are some tips that will help you to become a positive intention writing guru. To start, let of the idea of “getting it right”. Instead, give yourself permission to experiment. It takes time and practice to become good at writing positive intention statements.

Focus on what you want to attract

Any effective affirmation focuses on what you want, not on the things you want to release from your life.

  • “I am financially abundant.”
  • “I attract partners who love and treat me well.”

Write as if it is already happening now

If you’ve already read about the Law of Attraction or done any manifestation work, you’ll be familiar with the concept of “living as if”. If you act as though you already have what you want, it’s easier to attain it. Apply this to your intention statements. You’ll benefit from using words like “am”, “can” and “feel”, avoid words like “will”. Using the future tense will place your goals further away.

Examples of good intentions that take this tip into consideration include:

  • “I am confident and strong.”
  • “I am wealthy.”
  • “My life is filled with love.”

Each time you write an intention, scan your sentence for words that suggest there’s still a distance between you and the things you desire and take them out.

Focus on the feeling

Make sure that you write something that captures the essence of the feeling of the things you want in your life. This will narrow the gap between you and what you want to achieve.

  • “I am fulfilled, stimulated and successful.”
  • “I am happy and satisfied with my success.”

Words to avoid

Avoid the words “try”, “but”, “might” and “could” . These words don’t really commit you to success and inject hesitation and uncertainty into your intention statement.

Start with gratitude

There is strong evidence to support the idea that when you focus your attention on gratitude, the positivity helps you to create the kind of life you want and allows you to feel better in the process.

  • “I am grateful for the love of my best friends, and I am surrounded by people who like me.”

Make it believable

At their core, the most powerful affirmations are always believable to the person who is saying them. So, if there’s something about your current intention that feels like a fantasy or like something unreal. Look at how you can modify the wording to make the statement more credible in your eyes. An example way of modifying the statement to boost believability is to add “I am willing…”, “I am open to…”, or “My intention is…”.

  • “I am willing to be financially abundant”
  • “I am open to love”

For most people, affirmations and intention statements become more believable over time. If you have a history of putting yourself down or struggling with praise. Then, at first start with just one simple statement while you get used to the process.

Stop negative self talk

The next time you have a thought like “I don’t have the talent to succeed”, ask yourself how you can rewrite this thought as a positive, motivating intention. It could be “I have the talent to succeed” or “I achieve success through hard work”. The key is to take negative thinking as an invitation to positive thinking.

Create your positive intent statement

Take some time to formulate your own positive intention statement. I stick them on my mirror, screen of my laptop, fridge and other places in the house and my office where I can see them. My visual reminders :). Plus it can help to meditate using your statement.

This positive intention statement gives you a great foundation for your part of the co-creation process. Let go of the rest and leave that up to the universe. It will come and often not in the form you expect it too.

“I intend to live every minute of my day conscious, awake and aware and in the present moment. Feeling as much joy as possible. I have a positive cash flow my clients come to me easily and joyfully. I’m open and willing to live the most beautiful life possible”.

Remember: it doesn’t have to be perfect from the start you just need to take action.

I recommend to start keeping a journal and see what unfolds. Becoming a positive intention guru means you’ll have to learn to listen to the subtle nudges you are given and act on them. Several times I’ve asked my ‘guides’ to be clearer with their directions.

Have fun!

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