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First I want to let you in on a little secret. Before I started my own gratitude ritual I didn’t really get why people needed a gratitude ritual. Plus how gratitude could lead to success. I thought I’m already a grateful person so why do I need a gratitude ritual? Why would I need to add another thing to my to-do list? It felt like overkill.

Happy to admit, I was wrong!

On a yoga & meditation retreat in Thailand we talked about the importance of gratitude and the impact it has on your success in life. To be mindful about this they asked us to create a daily ritual around it and test it out for 20 days. It taught me the importance of having and allowing gratitude into my life regularly. So not just for the big and special occasions like e.g. birthday, promotion ect… 

The small things count just as much

Saying it for the small things that happen to you constantly like a smile from a stranger, a delicious cup of tea or meal, a supportive comment from a friend. Get into the habit of being more aware of the things in your daily life that you are thankful for and expressing thanks for them! It gives you a deeper sense of appreciation and joy in your life. Make the small things count this shifts your energy and sets you up yo attract positive things.

I created a gratitude ritual to help lead me to success. It was exactly what I needed and I felt the immediate shift! Plus I’m a fan of rituals and routines. They are my lifeline. Of all my rituals, the gratitude practice had the quickest impact.

You may have a morning ritual or an exercise practice, but do you have a gratitude practice?

A gratitude ritual immediately shifts your thinking from what you don’t have to what you do have. Therefore if you’re in a negative spiral or feel stressed, it helps create a shift. Plus gratitude has proven physiological and psychological benefits, including:

  • A healthier body
  • Better sleep
  • Less stress
  • Increased mindfulness

Here’s my own super simple gratitude practice.

The first thing I do when I wake up every morning, even before I open my eyes is to say: ‘Thank you for:

  • … this new day and all it will have in store for me. I can’t wait to see it unfold.
  • … the loving people & pets in my life
  • … my health
  • … the abundance I get to experience every day in every area of my life

Daily Gratitude Practice

I like to do this in the morning and in the evening right before bed. However, I recommend you find a time that works best for you. The most important thing is consistency. Being consistent with your gratitude practice will lead you to success.

1. Get a notebook that will be your dedicated gratitude journal. The journal is key because it’s important to actually put pen to paper instead of typing due to the mind-body connection. Handwriting your gratitude will amplify the benefits.

2. Keep it next to your bed, or another place that you return to every day at the same time. My friend writes in her journal at the beach with a latte every day. Find what works for you and do it consistently.

3. Every morning (or evening), write the date at the top of the page.

4. Set intentions. Tell yourself you’ll write for a set amount of time. It can be twenty minutes or only five minutes. In the beginning it took me a bit longer and now my ritual has become a daily habit it’s much faster.

5. In that set time, write what you’re grateful for. Anything that comes to mind. From the major things like health, partner, pet, family members, to the little things like a latte, fresh smoothy bowl, a great yoga lesson or finishing a great blogpost, signing a new client etc…. The most important thing here is to be as specific as you can.

Keep adding to your gratitude saving bank

This simple practice of becoming more aware and being thankful for the small things in life helps connect you to your deeper essence. When we say we are thankful out load we use the power of our voice and start showing up differently. Even if you do this in private I bet you people around you will start noticing a difference in you.

The journal will become a record of the things you are grateful for. With each entry, you are putting a coin into your gratitude bank, and over time you’ll have some nice savings. 

It has helped me create a positive intention for the day that lies ahead of me. From the minute you get up you approach things in a different way. I get less stressed and feel things are easier e.g. I get all green traffic lights so I can drive through and stay in the flow. 

If your feelings and thoughts help create the life we live then fuelling them with positivity will help set us up for a happy, positive and successful life. The practice is centering and calming for me and reminds me of what is most important in life.

Ready to get started?

Grab a notebook today and put a reminder on your phone. Rituals take dedication and focus to build in the beginning, but if you stick with it for at least 20 days, it will start to become a second nature. And when that happens, you’ll be on your way to a new attitude towards life.

Be creative and think of ways you can embody gratitude more in you daily life and see how this will impact your life in positive ways and lead you to success.

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