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In December I did my review of 2019 and my goal setting for 2020. Today I received an email asking me: ” to describe in one sentence mychampagne moment ?.” This means what does it look like when you finally reach a major goal you set for yourself? For example: You could be sipping champagne on the beach with your partner when ….

One of my goals: Sipping champagne on the beach when I launch my website.

What is blocking you?

If you could point a finger at the one thing that’s

. What is the one things that is slowing you down from releasing the brakes and speeding to the finish line. What is this? Make yourself a cup of team. Then, sit down and take some time to answer this question, because it DEFINITELY will release your brakes. The first thing that comes to mind is usually the best.

How to ensure your new habits stick

While writing the plan we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves to revamp our entire lives. The best way to proceed is step by step. Here are some tools to support you and ensure your new habits stick.

a.) Make sure your goals align with your core values
Your core values are the foundation of your desires. They can serve as guiding principles for all the decisions you make. If you know your core values, this will help you decide what you want for this coming period.  
Start by making a list of your core values as they will show you what matters to you. Think of describing your champagne moment how does this align with your core values.

b.) Add % of time spent on your core values
By adding how much time you spend on your core values now you will gain a lot of insights. For me this was a very confrontational exercise as it revealed to me where my life was out of balance. It revealed a hidden pearl of wisdom in the form of an important value which I hadn’t identified yet. When your core values and time spent are in balance. That’s great news it means they are in alignment and you’re in the flow

Benefits when knowing your core values

Your core values will help you make choices about: your work, living arrangement and the people you want to be around. Knowing your core values also helps you to live a life that gives you energy and fulfils you. For me identifying my core values was a profound changing point in my life. I often start with this exercise with my coaching clients as I know first hand how enlightening it can be.

Practical tip:

I like to use post-it notes for this exercise as they are flexible and you can play with them. This will help you decide in which sequence your values need to go etc..

I show my clients the principles and ensure they feel confident to start identifying their values. Once they have completed the exercise we analyse which insights this has given them. Plus we discuss how this can help them in their life when making essential decisions.

Enjoy this exercise of defining your goals, discovering your champagne moment and exploring what is holding you back. In order to break through this block.

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