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In this article library you’ll find the latest articles I have posted and a history of articles that I think you will enjoy and find useful along your journey. I draw inspiration from my own life, situations and experiences I come across. I enjoy sharing tips, books, websites and articles that I’ve see and read on my own journey. I just love jumping right into new situations, learning by doing is my motto. It’s brought me to where I am today including some valuable life lessons I’ve learnt along the way.

My Articles

How to be your own coach

Many people in todays society feel the pressure of being happy. The happiness by achieving results, being successful and being respected for success draws upon each one of us. This surmounting pressure forces us to push ourselves and work towards our aspirations. We...

Anxiety Around Life After Lockdown

Anxiety Around Life After Lockdown

As some countries ease coronavirus restrictions, mental health experts are noticing an emerging phenomenon; anxiety around life after lockdown. The coronavirus has significantly changed our lives both on a personal and professional level. These days, home is the new...

How To Thrive in Turbulent Times

How To Thrive in Turbulent Times

We are experiencing turbulent times around us. We can choose to act from love, compassion and kindness and thrive plus let go of fear and doubt. If you are sent home from the #office to #workfromhome because of the #coronavirus you might want to try my tips for...




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