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Let’s look at 5 ways to boost your productivity and why this is important. When you’re productive, you can develop other aspects of your life, like your intelligence, relationships, health, creativity and muscles. Do this, and your life will mirror the ones in movies. What matters about improving yourself is that you’re making yourself your first priority.

Being productive doesn’t just increase your bank account; it amplifies your happiness. I’ve studied productivity, read dozens of books about it, was trained by McKInsey and worked in the LEAN Six Sigma team. We came in to implement productivity measures in teams across the world. Having a specific goal can help you skyrocket out of bed in the morning. It helps you keep your eye on the prize, and focus on that. For anyone taking the first steps into being more productive, shared below are my top tips.

Here are 5 ways to boost your productivity:

1. Use a Planner


I’ve had a planner since I was in12 years old and I personalised each and every one of them. I’ve switched to a digital planner/agenda which is integrated with my online call booking tool, Calendly. However, I still have a paper one on my desk too as I like to write because my brain just comprehends things so much better when I write them down myself.

Find a system that works for you.

I have a saying that if it’s not in my calendar, it doesn’t exist. Using a planner gets you into the habit of planning, where you can then map out the next week, month, or year. The point is that in order to boost your productive, you first need to get in the habit of planning. Using a planner creates focus, consistency, and increases your efficiency. Start writing things down. This also frees your mind from trying to remember everything. Planners are also a great way to jot down notes, to-do lists and more. For my gratitude journal I still use a handwritten one and keep it next to my bed.

2. Commit to your Daily Top 3 Deliverables

The daily top three is a productivity concept endorsed by productivity experts. It’s all about prioritising, focussing, and achieving your goals. What are the top three things you need to achieve that day? Any pressing deadlines? This can be business or personal. Do the most important things at the beginning of the day, when you are more focused. Save emails, administration and meetings for the afternoon. Link to video to demonstrate with the rocks, pebbles and sand, why it’s important to start with the important stuff. I love it!

3. Organise yourself

It can seem like a daunting task, but being organised saves time and relieves stress. 87% of office workers have stated that a messy workspace has negatively affected their work. Let Mari Kondo inspire you, she has amazing tips on on cleaning and structuring. Start with your workspace, and clear the clutter off your desk, one section at a time. Next implement a clean desk policy in the office. Find a filing system that works for you or delegate this task to someone else so you can focus on other work. Remember: “Less mess is less stress”.

4. Be Mindful of Your Time

Your time is precious, make sure you are using it wisely. Stop multitasking it’s already scientifically proven it doesn’t work and actually makes tasks last longer. Don’t accept meeting requests that are not worth your while. Learn to delegate. In addition start putting meetings in 30 min. or 45 min. slots not the standard 60 min. If you plan for 60 min. you will often fill the time even if it’s not really necessary. Turn off any distractions you may have like e.g. emails, social media notifications, etc….Start working with time blocks. In order to make the most of your blocks of “work” time. Try working in “time blocking” shifts and see if it works for you.

5. Saying ‘No” is an option

Sometimes saying no is the answer to being more productive. We are so used to saying yes and pleasing others that we don’t even know what we want or need. When your life is so tightly packed with other people’s requests that you don’t have time for what really matters to you. Then it’s time to make a change.The first step is to become aware of all the time, energy and money you loose because you say yes to things that you can said no to. How many coffees have you had with people you didn’t want to have coffee with? How could you have used this time to achieve something that is important to you.

What’s in it for you:

  • Clarity. Simplicity aids clarity and purpose.
  • Focus. The majority of people are incapable of staying focused.
  • Effectiveness – is essential to unlocking raises and promotions.
  • Tranquility – as you know what your main objective is  
  • Work-Life Balance

I hope these 5 tips help you boost your productivity. Which is your favourite tip?

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