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HeLLo I’m Caroline 


Welcome, it’s good to have you here. I’m a marketeer & consultant turned personal leadership coach & business development coach and mentor. I’m super passionate about supporting people in building a life and business they love! I travel the world with my husband as a digital nomad. My values and life motto, I believe in being the architect of your own life. It all starts with getting clarity on your own core values and purpose in life as well as in business.  I’m dedicated to help you find your core values and design your own path. I love sharing tools, resources, experiences that will support you in creating the future you desire. 


is the journey to improve your self-awareness, to uncover which limiting beliefs are holding you back to develop a courageous identity, to unleash your potential and discover your life purpose. We’ll also look at how to get you to the next stage in your career and how to get the best out of your team. You have a unique gift and function as a role model to people around you. Let yourself shine bright!

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Discover the new you

Be curious and courageous, let go of expectations you are conditioned to strive for in  modern society instead feel into what we really want.

Honour your own values and beliefs, start to use them as your inner compass to point you in the right direction. They will help you find your dream, your passion and the things that give you energy. Once you have found your flow life will be a lot more fun!

If you want some support in this process, someone who’ll be there on the journey with you, to hold the space, asks you the powerful questions, hold you accountable and cheer you on every step of the way. That’s what I am passionate about for being a life coach; guiding you find the best version of yourself.

Have more energy, focus, clarity, feel empowered and satisfied with your life

Someone to go through the journey with you at times to hold your hand, celebrate successes, give you support or give you some rocket fuel when you need it and hold you accountable for what you said you want to achieve

Occasional exercises to do in between sessions to deepen the experience and do some self-reflection

Practical coaching tools to support you in your daily life

Email access to me between the sessions so that you are completely supported throughout your coaching journey

Goal Setting

Getting clear on your goal & vision will help you achieve what you want! Do you already have a process which you want to review or do you want to create a new process. 

Leadership Coaching

Want to become an inspiring and visionary’s leader and get more out of your team.

Stress Management

Learn how to detect the signals your body is giving you and how to act accordingly to get back into balance and find your natural flow. 

Career Advice

Feel you are ready for that promotion and keep missing it

Life Coaching


The journey to improve your self-awareness, to uncover what obstacles may lie in your path, to develop a courageous identity, to unleash your potential and discover your life purpose.

Coaching is about empowering, exploring and striving to find the authentic and best version of yourself.  Allowing you to become the architect, designing a life you truly desire and love living every day.

The beauty of life coaching is it will take you beyond what you currently believe you’re capable of!  

Are you ready to start your journey?

How does coaching work?

You’re probably wondering how coaching works, what happens when you commit to coaching and what you can expect to achieve. Here are some answers to these frequently asked questions.

What can you expect during a coaching session

Coaching sessions take place via Skype/ZOOM or on the phone in 45 minute sessions. You book an allotted time to call and use the link provided by me. During the 1stsession we’ll design how we work together going forward, we can do a baseline assessment of how you feel in the main areas of your life. It’s a very powerful way of getting straight to the heart of the issue. As all sessions are tailored to follow your needs therefor no two session are the same. 

Overview of some of the benefits of coaching

– More balance and harmony in your life

– Feeling empowered and confident

– Feeling less stressed

– Clear about your goals

– More focussed on results you want to achieve


How many sessions will I need?

That depends on what you want to achieve. I ask that clients commit to a three months coaching commitment to start off in order to achieve and see sustainable change.

How often should I have a session?

I usually have one session a week initially to kick-start the journey and then we can discuss if you prefer to keep the  frequency or some clients prefer to move to bi-weekly sessions to have more time to absorb the insights and changes they see in their life. 

Example of life coaching topics
  • Getting clear about your goals including what success looks like for you
  • Exploring your values
  • Discovering limiting beliefs
  • Re-programming your beliefs
  • Discovering your life purpose
  • Learn to change your perspectiv
When can I start?

I am ready to start the journey with you. Use the scheduling tool to book your introduction session and let’s start your journey!

I’m a business coach who is on a mission to help ambitious people like yourself discover their passion and create a life they love! I focus on developing your confidence, motivation and awareness. Coaching is a powerful process, that can completely change how you view your current circumstances, empowering you to make changes and achieve success on your terms. Use coaching as a catalyst to reach your goals in business, career and life.

I am happy to share and would love for you to subscribe to my newsletter.

Client Stories and Testimonials

Caroline has accompanied me through several changes throughout my life. Caroline has a great ability to connect. She helps you gain insights and implement lasting changes in your life. Her positive energy and the support she provides make her a great coach that I return to every time!  

Begona San Jose

Chief Science Officer,

I had the great privilege to receive coaching from Caroline.  When I was going through a difficult moment, talking with her always made me feel much better.  She  always listens without judging, she’ll never tell me what I should do, but she’ll make me think about my situation, help me asses my possibilities and steer me to come up with good solutions. I strongly recommend Caroline, apart from her support, I am sure she will also transmit to you her state of peace, energy, positivism and good vibes. 

Marta Alvarez de la Campa

Marketing and Communications Manager, Eurapco Alliance

Caroline has been a huge pilar through my journey, both professional and personal. She has been guiding me through all the steps to start with my business. On the personal side, she has been helping me dealing with past experiences and traumas to be able to let them go and take the reins of my life. My self-worth and confidence have grown and I feel powerful to achieve whatever I want. I find the blend between both sides perfect as you see yourself grow, your business also benefits. As a coach, she is there to help you, always available to provide support.  She is a very effective, caring and compassionate  person.

Neus Compañó Rodoreda

Yoga Teacher, Neus Om Yoga

Discover yourself. 

Find your balance.

Get into your flow.

& Have fun  doing it! 



Free Resources

In my quest to develop myself and find my purpose, I have discovered some great tools that I would love to share with you. These tools will help  to get you started on your journey to designing the life you love and deserve!

My Blog

Find the latest articles. I am sharing my technique to get crystal clear on what you desire.

I hope these inspire and support you on your journey to create a freedom-filled life you love.

More About Me

Caroline Groothoff

Caroline Groothoff

Personal Leadership Coach & Business Development Coaching

I was born in the Netherlands and when I was 2 years old I already started exploring the world with my family. The love for discovering new countries, travelling, connecting with other people, experiencing different cultures and values is embedded in my DNA. I have worked for multinational organisations in insurance and banking in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Hong Kong and Australia for 18 years. I started working in marketing, followed by project management and consultancy which I started combining with my passion for coaching people.

I have worked with leaders and teams from around the globe collaborating to create environments where you inspire people to be the best version of themselves and provide them the tools they need to get the desired results. I use practical leadership & management tools plus tools from LEAN/Six Sigma and Agile combined with Co-active coaching, energy management and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Through coaching and self reflection I connected with my own desire to have a positive impact and play a pro-active part in making peoples lives more abundant on all levels. I followed my heart and am now living as digital nomad seeing inspiring places and have the pleasure of working with amazing like-minded people and companies from a wide variety of fields, places and experiences.

Get In Touch if you’d like to chat to me